Professional Solutions

Professional Training Solutions

FMS Trainer

Learn and practice the complete FMS flow, how to input a flight plan and performance data. Listen and watch lessons, or explore pages, entries and procedures on the free play mode.

Nav Data

Up to date worldwide data base, allowing to use actual SIDs, STARs, procedures, routes and fixes. 

Natural Interface

Type with fingers on device touch screen as you were typing on aircraft CDU, interface is natural and intuitive, keys have same size and position than actual aircraft.

Train on the go

Anytime, anywhere, practice and improve your skills.

*Internet connection required


FMS Trainer is currently available for Embraer E190 jets. B737 and A320 will be available by Q3 2017.

Desk Trainer

Desk trainer is a Standalone training station enclosing a computer system,
a flight simulator software and hardware panel. With reduced requirements and dimensions is the best fit for class rooms and can be employed for AFDS, FMS, RNAV, IFR and ATC training.

Designed for classrooms

Desk trainer requires a desk, a chair and a power outlet. Everything needed to run and start the simulation is already included on the device, no additional setup or configuration is required.

Hardware where it is needed

Autopilot, display controls, master caution and warning as physical interface to quickly
comply with most used controls during flight.

Virtual Pilot Monitoring

Practice as Captain or F/O role, VPM can assit as the Pilot Monitoring role with its artificial inteligence, voice recognition and voice synthetizer capabilities. VPM can perform checklists, tasks and procedures flow supporting the training.


Desk Trainer is available for E190, B737 and A320.

Fixed Base Trainer

A full scale cockpit comprising all instruments, panels, displays and controls found on aircraft flight deck. Powered by high-end spec computer system and a 210 degrees projection system. Meets the requirements to pursue FTD certification and to be used on training programs.

Flexible for any budget

Best fit on requirements vs budget, VA Fixed Base Trainer can be configured, for instance with or without control loading system and  with dome or collimated visual system.


Engineering approach on design, industrial approach on construction, LRU avionics on modules.


Able to pursue FTD certification and be used on training programs to reduce FFS hours on initial modules offering cost reduction opportunities.


Fixed base trainer is available for E195, B737 and A320