A320 Simulator



Modular Concept

Virtual Avionics modules are designed using LRU concept
(line-replaceable unit), allowing panels and modules to be quickly
replaced at operations facility

Built to last

Structural parts built on aluminon and carbon steel metal alloy, with
industrial laser cut and powder coating aluminum, oering
resistance and robustness for mechanical parts

Modern Systems

Electronics PCB construction employs SMT (surface mount
technology) components, reducing size, weight and cost of
modules and allowing an automated PCB production for increased
scalability and reliability

Hardware Panels

Naturally memorizing panels and switches positions becomes a
task that can be early performed on this trainer, all panels are
simulated on hardware with same dimensions and functions found
on aircraft


Thanks to vertical development approach VA is able to deliver the
most modern simulator at a cost-effective price

Fast Deployment

Installation and setup in 120 days.
*Depending upon visa specificities of destin coutry

Contact us

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System Rack

  • Powered metal server rack with 16Us slots
  • Power source and no-break system

Image Generator

  • 1 scenery Image generator server with
    support to up to 3 video channels

Visual System (options)

  • 3-channel collimated semi-spherical screen
  • 180 degrees 3-channel curved screen
  • 1-Channel Flat Screen

Display Electronic Units

  • 2 PFD displays
  • 2 ND displays
  • 2 ECAM displays
  • Intel server dedicated to symbols and avionics

Instructor Station

  • 1 Virtual Avionics Instructor Station Pro, with a 23”
    Instructor Station touch display and embedded system

Electronic Control Systems

  • 1 Titan IO control board
  • 1 Multi IO control board
  • 6 ARM Quad Core embedded computing units

Flight Controls

  • 2 A320 Flight Stick replicas
    2 steering wheels
    2 linked rudder pedals


  • Industrial aluminium structure
  • Laser cutted metal structure powder painted


  • Main Instrument Panel with 1 FCU, 2 EFIS, anunciator, ISIS,
    reversionary, timer, landing gear lever, autobrake panel,
    lightining control panel, GPWS and brakes pressure
  • Pedestal containing 2 CDUs, CDU switch panel, ECAM,
    Thrust Lever module, 2 radio panels, 2 ACP panels,
    lightning control panel, ATC, spoiler, engine start,
    aerodinamic brakes lever, trim panel, flpas lever, parking
    brake, radar, door control panel and gear gravity extendor
  • Overhead with ADIRS, Flight Controls, EVAC, Emergency
    Electrical Power, GPWS, RCDR, Oxygen, Calls, Wiper, Fire
    Extinguisher, Hydraulic, Fuel, Electrical, Air Conditioning,
    Anti-Ice, Pressurization, APU, Internal Lights, External
    Liughts, Cargo Heat, Cargo Smoke and Engines Control