Control Systems

Virtual Avionics - Control Systems

Control Systems​

Get full control of your simulations with Virtual Avionics I/O boards and systems. Get all your hardware running to get the best performance and power. 

Connect you hardware to the major consumer simulators in a fast and easy way, without needing to program offsets and scripts.

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Titan I/O Control Center

  • Backplane architecture with 16 cards slots
  • Parallel, SPI and I2C interface for cards
  • Setup your control as required by the project input/outptus, servos and analog cards:
    • Up to 384 digital inputs
    • Up to 384 led driver outputs
    • Up to 16 servos control outputs
    • Up to 16 analog inputs
    • Up to 16 PWM digitally controlled backlight outputs
  • Onboard USB Interface 
  • Ethernet or Arinc429 Interface via optional card

Multi I/O Control

            • 64 digital inputs
            • 56 led driver outputs
            • 8 servo outputs
            • 8 analog inputs
          • 8 PWM digitally controlled backlight output


Nano I/O Board

  • Low cost small control board (credit card size) 
  • 16 digital inputs
  • 16 led driver outputs
  • Configurable 6 servos outputs or 6 analogs inputs 
  • 1 PWM digitally controlled backlight output
  • USB interface